Frequently Asked Questions:

Q)   How are guests screened? 

A)   Guests are referred to us by partner agencies including HAVEN HomeSafe and the Salvation Army where they have been vetted by trained professionals.

Q)   Is there a maximum number of guests? 

A)   BWNS is designed to cater for a maximum of 10 guests each night.

Q)   Is there a minimum age for guests? 

A)   Minimum age is 25.  

Q)   Is there a minimum age for volunteers? 

A)   All volunteers must be over 18 years of age. 

Q)   How will I be notified of my rostered shift? 

A)   All communication will be by email unless otherwise arranged directly with the Volunteer Coordinator.

Q)   How many days notice will I get? 

A)   Rosters will be emailed 7 days in advance.  Please note you will only receive information regarding your own shift and contact details for your venue coordinator.  Drivers rosters will be arranged by the Equipment Coordinator.  

Q)   If I'm a cook do I have to provide the food for the evening meal? 

A)   Yes.  In consultation with your venue coordinator and kitchen hand you will plan a hearty and healthy meal, purchase foodstuffs and prepare the meal for serving at 7pm.  Remember that due to the large number of volunteers you will most likely only be asked to provide a meal twice during the entire length of the program.  

Q)   How many people will I be catering for? 

A)   Between 10 and 16 people; guests and volunteers.

Q)   What meals do I need to cook? 

A)   A hot and healthy evening meal along with some sort of supper.  This can be a couple of bags of chips or if you're feeling super enthusiastic some home baked goodies.  Again, consultation with your venue coordinator and venue in general may see an outpouring of donations towards supper supplies.  

Q)   Is breakfast provided? 

A)   A cold breakfast will be provided by BWNS and hosted by the venue each morning of cereal with fresh fruit.