Calling all registered volunteers!

Saturday June 22nd 4:00am

Hi everyone, it's your friendly volunteer coordinator here. It's the dead of night and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse...

It's no Christmas story and if we're perfectly honest there is a lot of stirring happening. There are 3 keen volunteers sitting up right now watching over our guests, ensuring they are safe and warm on this cold, cold night. The weather report tells us it's 2.1C however it feels like -1.2C; 6 happy campers are free from that bitter cold this evening and it's all thanks to you guys!

We can't thank you enough for the time and efforts you are all putting in, some of you cooking, some of you showing up bleary-eyed before the sun has had a chance to peek over the horizon but all of you are putting your hearts into this program.

It wouldn't be a post from Mim however without a request...if there is anyone out there who is available for the early bird shift (6-8:30am) on any day of the week please email me directly at with the specifics. Of the 262 volunteers registered I have only 48 on my list to help out in the mornings, many of them already performing another role on a different day. If you didn't return a calendar to BWNS please let me know if you can fill a morning shift.

Thanks once again to the 208 unique volunteers who have helped fill the 400 shifts already rostered this season and for those of you waiting on your first shift - don't worry, it's coming!

Please forgive any grammatical errors, and my apologies for the somewhat rambling (but hopefully still coherent) nature of this morning's post.

God bless,


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Thanks to all our registered volunteers who attended a BWNS training session. If you still have further questions please feel free to email us or post here.