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Meet our Committee

Thursday April 4, 2019

Hey BWNS community, it's getting closer!! (Don't mind me, I'm just hyperventilating over here.)

Since we have less than 60 days until the first of June we thought that you might like to meet the team that is making all of this happen.

There are those that have been involved right from day dot, almost 12 months ago, checking out the Melbourne version and bringing it to Bendigo. We have Andrew Walker of the Salvation Army, Matt Parkinson and Fiona Mummery of MadCow (Bendigo Baptist Community Care), Philip Burns of St John's Presbyterian and Dave Harris of Life Centre. They form a sort of unofficial steering committee, guiding the rest of us through prayer and example.

Project Coordinator

And then there's Andrew Howe. Many of you will have met Andrew, he's been promoting the project around Bendigo for a few months now, he's been the guiding force, the man with the plan, the guy with all the answers, our project coordinator. Unfortunately, earlier this week, Andrew had to step down in order to care for his family, as both his wife and mum are quite ill. Our prayers are with Andrew and his family.

While the loss to BWNS is great we know that with your prayers and support, and with God's blessing, this program will continue to go ahead in 2019.

We're so pleased to welcome Lachlan Weir who will be stepping into Andrew's shoes to keep us on track for June 1. They are big shoes and Lachlan is grateful to have a committee around to assist him.

Deputy Project Coordinator

In the role of deputy project coordinator we have Terry Westaway. Terry's past experience in the business world, conducting reviews & strategic planning is going to drive this project for the future. While the rest of us are putting together 2019, Terry is planning for 2020 and beyond.

Also backing up Lachlan is Matthew Parkinson. As Community Care Director at MadCow he has been involved from the beginning and he understands the goals and aims of BWNS. Matt is there to help steer the committee through the intricacies of non-profit, volunteer staffing and outreach.

Volunteer Coordinator

Mim Williams is our young and enthusiastic volunteer coordinator. She'll be organising rosters and ensuring all our volunteers are qualified and in position. If you feel that you have a skill to contribute, she's the one to talk to. You can email her directly at


Yang Ho is our web guru. He's built the website and helped guide us as we entered the technological realm. He is currently looking for help on our web team though, so if you think you could be suitable please send an email to and Yang will contact you.

Equipment Coordinator

In equipment we have David and Robyn Hosking. They coordinate the movement of our equipment trailer from venue to venue along with the drivers of the minibus. They also audit our equipment to make certain it is safe and fit for purpose.


Fulfilling the role of treasurer is Geoff Young. He will ensure that the money donated to BWNS goes where it is needed most. Rolled into this role is also procurement, working with our equipment coordinator to confirm we have all that we need. We would be lost without him.

Prayer Coordinator

Finally, we have Michelle Walker and Scott Whitmore who are our prayer coordinators. This is such an important role, as nothing is possible through our own strength, but all things are possible with God. Check our news site regularly as Michelle and Scott will be posting prayer points and praise points.

Praise God for these people who have volunteered countless hours already and are donating their winter to ensure Bendigo can help those less fortunate. And thank you, for your time; reading this, praying for us, contributing your time, money, or skills to this cause; we need you, so please keep those volunteer registrations coming in.

Please continue to pray for all of us as we work together to build this night shelter, that it may be for the glory of God; and that through his provision we will get it off the ground in 2019.

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